Tuesday, February 07, 2006

day 1

Welcome to the first, hopefully not the last.

I have to go to lunch now but hope to return soon.


Last night I was playing Empire Earth. It was in the Imperial Age at the easy level. I like the Imperial Age because I am interested in that period of history. Unfortunately I am not very good but in the end I won. My interest is history particularly Irish History from 1780-1820.
Don't get me started on the King's German Legion (KGL) . I am currently researching what they were doing in Ireland. This year is the 200 th anniversary of their arrival in Ireland. In June 1806 there were almost 9,000 of the KGL in Ireland some stayed here until 1811.

I came across an Irish band called Stoat on a podcast that I listen to every day called Reaching For Lucidity . You can download some tracks from the Stoat site. The songs are fun, one mentions Frank Hall and another features a recording of Eamonn De Valera . I bought the latest album from Stoat on Friday last and hope to get it very soon.



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