Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Lonesome West

I went the a play tonight in Glór in Ennis tonight. It was the Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh. I think that it was set about 20 years ago in County Galway. The story revolved around two batchelor brothers living in the same house. The other two characters were the priest and a local girl. The acting was very good, it was probably a difficult play to put on. The references to 70's Tv like Alias Smith & Jones, Hill Street Blues reminded me of my youth and the childrens toy called Ker-plunk!. The audience seemed to really enjoy the show and laughed at much of it. I must admit that some of it was funny too, but I felt that the theme was very serious and the characters all too true and close to home for people living in rural West of Ireland. This happened and is happening today. The suicide of the local priest is familiar too, it happened in Clare in 2002. It is a personal think, when I go to a play I want something light or uplifting not a downer.


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