Wednesday, February 08, 2006

day 2

Did you see the advert in the Irish Times on Monday for Aer Lingus? It was for Valentine's weekend - a romantic city break. There was grid made up of love hearts with a different city written on each. When I was growing up love hearts were familiar but I do not know about today.

I watched the program about the girl training to be a geisha. It was interesting. A few years ago I read a few geisha books, studied japanese for a few months. Unfortunately at this point all I can do is introduce myself ( I will introduce myself in Japanese on the podcast on Friday. I read a book of Japanese Folktales by the Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn, he lived there for years and is well respected by Japanese people. In the middle of this Japanese moment I was eating Japanese food at a multi-cultural food fair. Some of the food was nice and some was awful. But now you do not need to make the mistakes that I made - there is a podcast called Josh in Japan his most recent episode is about dating in Japan.

I was sorry that there was no podcast from Conn at An tImeall today. I sent Adam Curry and CC Chapman a link to a promo that Conn made and perhaps Adam will play it on the DSC podcast. Adam mentioned a site that explains about not needing an iPod to listen to podcasts called , this seems to be a real problem of education with many people.

I got my copy of Computer Active today and they have a Photo Competition that might interest you.

The "Future Come and Get Me" album from Stoat arrived in the post today, I am looking forward to listening to it.

Did you watch Ros na RĂșn last night? I was interest in the plot line that is looking at music copyright issues. Two of the characters are making pirate cds. There was even a mention of IRMA Irish Recorded Music Association. There is a lot of talk on the internet and in podcasts, particularly the DSC , about the big changes to the music industry and the impact that the podsafe music network could have. Musicians do not have to sign with a record company, they can make contact with their audience via podcasts that promote new music or via their myspace site. Many bands now have a world following without giving up their independence.


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