Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Quest for my perfect MP3 Player

It is very much a personal quest, here are the specifications that I am looking for:

Flash - min 128Mb
takes SD/MMC cards
FM tuner
Built in mic
MP3 encoding built-in
line-in connection
AAA battery

I will let you know how I get on.


Blogger Conn said...

That's a tricky one, Brendan. I still haven't found the right one. I'm afraid I may have been asking for too much from one device. Integrated mics on MP3 players can have a tendency to be shite, to use a technical term! I bought this generic one, but the recording was awful. iRiver is popular with podcasters. Savins stock them, but they discouraged me from using them to record, and managed to sell me a minidisc and separate sony condensor mic. I'm happy with that - and currently using my Nokia 6680 phone for an MP3 player. Let us know how you get on in your search! Good Luck!

4:34 PM  
Blogger spudshow said...

Hi Conn,
I am not so worried about a mic on the player as long as it has a line-in. I also have a Sony IC Recorder that has a fairly good mic. My particular interest is that the player will take SD cards so that I can upload the recordings to the internet. I bought one of the sd card readers (in Savins) that will make by SD card into a memory key. The other useful device that I got was a short range FM transmitter that allows one to listen to the mp3 player on car radio. (got in Zuco Ennis)


2:55 PM  

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