Sunday, February 12, 2006

Overcast day in Limerick, but dry.

I went to Cork yesterday. The James Barry exhibition in on in the Crawford gallery, I had a quick look. I am interested in the times that he lived in. There are some paintings there by Nataniel Grogan also. Grogan has a painting called "Whipping the Herring", it represents a tradition in Cork where there was a procession led by a person carrying a herring on a stick. It seemed to represent banishing poverty from the city. The picture is full of life and characters. I could not find an image online.

Cork City Library was my next stop. A few weeks ago Newsround on RTE has a piece on the Royal Cork Yacht Club and mentioned N. Ludlow Beamish. This was the person who wrote the History of the King's German Legion so I am interested in who he was. The library has the recently published book on the Royal Cork Yacht Club and I found a mention of him sailing in Little Paddy in a race in Torquay against J.P. Packington's Liberty and S. Farnell's Julia.
I got a book about the Beamish family and found a few sentances about N. Ludlow, he married a Swedish heiress Aline Marie Foreström and seemed to spend some time in the Hanoverian Army. He wrote two other books, Discovery of America by the Northmen and The uses of Calalry in War. He died in Cork on April 22nd 1872 and was buried in St. Michael's Blackpool.


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